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How to Set Up a Home Based Transcription Service

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There is an almost endless supply of ways to earn money from home, from being a freelance writer to offering creative services like designing websites or logos. Another option is to set up a home based transcription service. This allows you to work for companies and individuals that need you to take a recording and turn it into a document. Here is an overview of this type of work-at-home career.

Transcription as a Home Based Business

A lot of people confuse transcription with dictation. They are two completely different things even though they both involve typing (transcribing) the spoken word. The difference is that dictation is done ‘live’ whereas transcription is done with a recording.

For example, in a courtroom you’ll often see a court reporter sitting near the judge with a stenotype machine. This person is recording what each person is saying as it happens. This is dictation. Transcription is where you listen to what someone is saying after an event (a webinar, teleseminar, podcast interview, etc) and transcribe that to text. So, let’s take a look at transcription and the definition of transcribe. Continue reading

Top Inspirational Business Models for Work at Home Moms

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One of the biggest issues in deciding to be a work at home mom and run your own business, is deciding what type of  work at home online business to launch. While you can tap into your own experiences and skills, you still want to know that you have a top work at home business and that you are on the right path. In this post today, we are going to take a look at the top, inspirational business models for work at home moms. Here you can see what business models are successful and this will encourage you to go ahead and jump in with your own plans. Bookmark this page and come back and read the stories of amazing entrepreneur moms at home. These women have found success online and are following their dreams of working at home. Continue reading

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

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If you are in search of a good work-at-home job, why not consider being a virtual assistant? The great thing about this is that you can choose what types of services you will provide your client, set your pay rate, and benefit from the many other advantages of being your own boss. Virtual assistants provide many of the services that office professionals do, including data research, writing or editing, bookkeeping, marketing, social media, data entry, and lots more. You get to choose what you want to do based on your skill set and you get to do it from home, in your own virtual office.  Continue reading

Moms Recipe for Online Business Success at Home

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Today I am sharing with you a time tested recipe that all moms will enjoy. The Moms Recipe for Online Business Success at Home. Just follow this recipe to discover ways that you can achieve that online business success you so desire. The finished recipe will result in a plan that will provide you with a path to follow that will help you increase your finances. Plus provide you with ideas on how to manage your business and your family life. Let’s get this moms recipe started. Continue reading

Joining a Moms Community vs Being a Solo Mompreneur

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Now that you have taken your first steps towards being a work at home mom, there is one more important thing to consider. Do you prefer working alone or would you prefer to have the opportunity to connect with like minded moms inside a moms community?  Let’s compare the two before you make your final choice.

As a stay at home mom, you are all ready aware of the fact that it’s easy to become trapped in your home. This is especially true if you have a baby to care for. It can be difficult to get out. You need to schedule your day around nap times and feeding times. It’s very easy to feel alone and isolated! Continue reading

Review: Time Management Mama – Book Review

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Now that you are ready to take that leap into becoming a work at home mom let’s consider your main concerns. One of your top ones will be how to schedule time into your busy day?  As you know it’s important to work on your business regularly. You know you may have to make a few changes to accomplish this. Of course,  you are ready and willing to do what it takes. But you still feel a little apprehensive of how to manage your time. Not to worry, I have a wonderful solution for you.

Continue reading

How to Start a Freelance Writing Business

A great way for any stay at home mom to make money is by offering a freelance writing business. Love to write? Then this is going to be the perfect opportunity for you. You can write around your kid’s schedule and you can decide what clients to take on and what projects. It really is a flexible way to have the best of best worlds.

What is Freelance Writing Business?

A freelance writer does not work for any company, they offer a service – writing to others. You are your own boss, you set your own hours, rates and you choose your clients. Plus, you don’t need any special tools or software to launch your freelance writing business. Which is why it’s a great choice for stay at home moms who like to write, and would like to have a business that they can grow as their children get older.  Continue reading

Case Study: Multi Tasking Mom – From MLM to Freelance Writer to Product Creator

At this point in my online career as a work from home mom,I found that I was fast becoming a multi tasking mom, how about you? Currently I am about to embark on a new venture and that is building and working with moms inside a private & safe community. I am looking for moms who want to stay home with their kids and start up their own business. Does this sound like you? Keep reading to discover who I am and why I can help you on your journey to staying at home and keeping your independence.

So let’s get started on my story as a multi tasking mom– I really can’t expect you to want to work with me if you don’t know who I am. This is actually a case study of how I managed to be a multi tasking mom and kept sane while raising our family and creating a successful work at home business.  Continue reading