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How to Set Up a Home Based Transcription Service

your own transcript service

There is an almost endless supply of ways to earn money from home, from being a freelance writer to offering creative services like designing websites or logos. Another option is to set up a home based transcription service. This allows you to work for companies and individuals that need you to take a recording and turn it into a document. Here is an overview of this type of work-at-home career.

Transcription as a Home Based Business

A lot of people confuse transcription with dictation. They are two completely different things even though they both involve typing (transcribing) the spoken word. The difference is that dictation is done ‘live’ whereas transcription is done with a recording.

For example, in a courtroom you’ll often see a court reporter sitting near the judge with a stenotype machine. This person is recording what each person is saying as it happens. This is dictation. Transcription is where you listen to what someone is saying after an event (a webinar, teleseminar, podcast interview, etc) and transcribe that to text. So, let’s take a look at transcription and the definition of transcribe. Continue reading

Moms Recipe for Online Business Success at Home

moms recipe online business success at home

Today I am sharing with you a time tested recipe that all moms will enjoy. The Moms Recipe for Online Business Success at Home. Just follow this recipe to discover ways that you can achieve that online business success you so desire. The finished recipe will result in a plan that will provide you with a path to follow that will help you increase your finances. Plus provide you with ideas on how to manage your business and your family life. Let’s get this moms recipe started. Continue reading