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Find a Home Based Job Using Free Job Resources

Today, I want to talk about finding a home based job using totally FREE resources. Yes, it can be done! It usually doesn’t happen overnight. But, the more diligent you are when it comes to submitting applications, the higher the chance of snagging an interview.

Remember, legitimate employers don’t ask for money to exchange hands, before hiring you. This practice is the first and BIGGEST sign of a scam. Two of very few exceptions might be requiring you to pay for a pre-employment background check or purchasing a headset if the position deems it necessary that you use one.

Top Home Based Job Resources

Indeed has been helping
people get jobs since 2004. It’s currently the number one job search site, worldwide. Not only can the site assist you in your job search, it will help you save time doing it. How? Indeed pulls in leads from other major job boards including CareerBuilder, Monster, and

Shhhhh! I’ll let you in on a little secret. Many bloggers, the ones who frequently post job leads on their sites or email them to their newsletter subscribers, find the majority of their leads on Indeed.

Within the last seven days, close to 861,000 new jobs have been added to the Indeed database. Obviously, the majority of them are not home-based. But, you’ll be surprised by the number of them that actually are. Another perk of using Indeed is that very few scams slip through the cracks and actually get posted.

Regardless of the free work at home job resource you use, it’s best to have a list of keywords handy to use in your search. For starters, try phrases like:

  • telecommute
  • work remotely
  • virtual workers
  • home-based
  • work from home

Narrow down the search even further by adding a job category. For example, “work remotely customer service” or “telecommute writer.” Always put your search term in quotes, as shown. Here’s one more quick tip for finding home-based work in Indeed. Don’t put a zip code in the zip code box.

Home Based Job Resources

Work Place Like Home

Work Place Like Home is a huge forum, packed with job leads. I’ve been a member of this fantastic  community, for years. Although you have to register, it’s free and very much worth your time. The majority of home based job leads are posted by other members who work or have worked with the company showcased in the post. Typically, the person who is posting does so because the company is actually hiring or at least accepting applications.

Over the years, I’ve snagged several jobs, thanks to WPLH. The most lucrative was World Travel Holdings. I worked full-time booking and servicing cruise reservations for  a variety of online travel portals and cruise vendors. I received full benefits and used a company-provided computer.

Members don’t hesitate to share their job-related experiences with others. This includes the good, the bad and the ugly! Doing so really helps to weed out scammers and companies that don’t pay on time and/or treat their employees/contractors disrespectfully.

All sorts of jobs are posted on Work Place Like Home. Options generally run the gambit from full-time to part-time to “make a little extra spending money” positions. I’m acquainted with more than a few people who support their families by working multiple part-time jobs in different industries. For example, I know a mom who is a freelance writer. She’s also involved with a direct sales company and is a part-time customer service agent. It CAN be done!


The last resource I want to touch on is Craigslist. Yes, the site gets a bad rap sometimes, when it comes to work at home scammers. However, when you know how to perform a proper search and are aware of some of the “red flags” to watch out for, you can find a home based job through Craigslist.

Have you ever successfully used a free resource to land a home based job? If so, please don’t hesitate to share your experience below. Who knows? It might help someone else with their job search and you can be sure they’ll be forever grateful.

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