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Case Study: Multi Tasking Mom – From MLM to Freelance Writer to Product Creator

At this point in my online career as a work from home mom,I found that I was fast becoming a multi tasking mom, how about you? Currently I am about to embark on a new venture and that is building and working with moms inside a private & safe community. I am looking for moms who want to stay home with their kids and start up their own business. Does this sound like you? Keep reading to discover who I am and why I can help you on your journey to staying at home and keeping your independence.

So let’s get started on my story as a multi tasking mom– I really can’t expect you to want to work with me if you don’t know who I am. This is actually a case study of how I managed to be a multi tasking mom and kept sane while raising our family and creating a successful work at home business. 

Why Become a Multi Tasking Mom & Work at Home?

There were several reasons why I wanted to be a work at home mom. We had just moved into our brand new home and the commute from there to downtown Toronto was a long one. At that time mortgage rates were up at 14%, so there was no way I could stay home without any income. I liked my job working in an insolvency office for a large corporation in the financial district on Toronto’s Bay Street.


work at home multi tasking mom

My second reason, and this is an important one, was that just after moving into our new home I found out that I was pregnant. I had absolutely no idea and by the time I found out I was 6 months pregnant, so there was no point in going back to work. My boys are one year and 4 days apart, and I think this was worse than having twins! As soon as one got through one stage the next one started – so we had double everything – temper tantrums, toilet training etc. Talk about having to be adaptable and become a mom that was good at multi tasking!

How I Made a Decent Income

So there we were with an expensive mortgage and two boys under the age of two and we really needed the money! While I did think about going back to work the cost of daycare for two babies was just too much, it didn’t leave me with any available cash at all. Plus, I really didn’t want to leave them with someone else for 50+ hours each week.

My background influenced my next choice. While the full version of this is material for another story, here’s the condensed version. I grew up in England and always wanted to travel. I ended up coming to Canada as a Nanny. Then met the boy next door and married him!

So it made perfect sense for me to stay home and run a daycare business. Which is exactly what I did for several years, until the boys hit school age. It wasn’t always a bed of roses and unfortunately it was usually the parents that were more of an issue than the kids. Not picking them up on time, just arriving late and not telling me and more!

We set up the daycare area in our basement and used this as the play area, and then had playpens in our living room area – as we had no furniture for that area anyway.

The money from the daycare business helped pay the bills and slowly help buy new furniture. While I was making money, it was not my perfect choice for a home business so I started looking for other ways to make money from home.

From Daycare to MLM

My next business venture, as a multi tasking mom,  was to venture into MLM. I started out selling Tupperware at home parties. While I made some great sales it wasn’t always easy to get people to book home parties. I managed to do a few presentations at some daycare places, and even booked a table at a local home show.

During this time, I also tried things like selling Avon, candles, lingerie and even air purifiers, and even did the Melaleuca thing for a while. It was always the same scenario, good sales until your lineup of hostesses ran out. It wasn’t a reliable income stream at all.

The other problem with these businesses was that you had to purchase start up kits and buy your inventory ahead of time. Fine if you made lots of sales, but if you didn’t you ran the risk of being stuck with inventory in your basement or garage.

Another issue with these home party plans is that it meant going out in the evenings. First I am not fond of driving during our long Canadian winters, and even more so at night! Plus, I was constantly going out almost as soon as my hubby got home – not good either.

Making money with MLM was not easy, and there were many times when you had to reach certain ‘sales’ numbers each month, so it was not ideal.

What Changed My Direction?

The one thing that changed my direction, this time for the better, was when we got our first computer. Being online I saw lots of opportunities to work at home from your computer and this really appealed to me. This led me to different businesses again, and actually to the one that gave me a huge start online.

That is the business model of becoming a freelance writer. I actually started making money each week, and you know how important contributing to the family income is! That was a huge achievement for me and it gave me personal satisfaction and an income stream of my own. I’m sure you can understand how it is always asking your husband for some extra cash for a haircut or new pair of jeans. He never said no, but it’s wonderful to be at that point where you don’t have to ask permission!

I had joined an online community called Wealthy Affiliate and was attempting to learn how to make money as an affiliate. This is the online version of a door to door sales man! It was a slow process but I had noticed that there was a job board on the site and people were actively posting jobs, especially writing jobs. I had always loved writing and wrote my first novel when I was around 11 years old.

case study working at home multi tasking mom

So after debating, for more than a week, I decided to give it a try and I posted a job offering to write articles for people. This was the best decision I ever made and it led to lots of work since then. I received so many offers that I never had to post another ad on that site!

But after a while my income was capped as I could only write so much content each week. I then discovered a variation of this by writing content that is known as private label rights content. Basically what this means is that I could write one report and sell it multiple times. Versus freelancing where you are only selling the same report one time, for one price to one customer.

From Freelance Writer to Product Creator

From here I went to creating my own products and courses and selling them online. With this method I have earned thousands of dollars per month and I now support myself and my husband from my income.

As you can see it took me years to get to this point today and lots of experiments. But, you can now benefit from this, by not having to go through as many steps to reach your goal of having a work from home business. I can help you figure out a business plan that will actually work for you! You can become that multi tasking mom, and have a great business while staying home with your children.

If you have done any research online you will have come across all kinds of online job opportunities such as typing at home, stuffing envelopes or making jewelry. If you are anything like me, this is not the type of work you are looking for. You would prefer to take the time and build a solid business. One that allows you to contribute to your family income and one that gives you your independence. You can still afford to keep your smartphone and take your hubby out on date night and more.

Multi Tasking Mom – Why Work with Me?

If my story resonates with you then why not come and work with me, and other like minded moms? I am creating an online community for moms. This will be a place where you can hang out, once the kids are sleeping for their naps, or in the early morning or evening when you have a little spare time. You will receive training, support and guidance so that you can develop a business you will be proud of. Plus, of course, there will be lots of tips on the art of multitasking too! My Moms Central Den is opening shortly and live training will start in September, once the kids are back in school.

work at home multi tasking mom

The types of training I will be covering include writing and publishing books, creating short reports, as well as creating full blown products. Plus, I am going to open an Etsy shop and you can follow along as I go. This will appeal to you  as it’s an ideal crafts work at home business that lots of moms are having success with. We will cover additional work at home business models too such as being a blogger, affiliate marketing, becoming a VA or offering a service based business and more.

I won’t lie to you, I have worked hard to get to this point and have put in long hours when necessary. It’s not all fun and roses, sitting in the sun typing on your laptop either. Stay at home moms work hard regardless of whether you are running a business or not.  You will run into roadblocks, that you will have to get around. All this does is make you a stronger mom and business woman. Believe me when I tell you the reward is totally worthwhile!


Here’s a few testimonials from some of my customer’s and clients.

“Winding Up Work – Fit After 50 is the first PLR package of Sue’s that I’ve had a chance to review. I’m very impressed! The ebook, articles and reviews read well, and are structured so editing them to suit your needs is a snap.

Add to this a complete package of graphics, videos, keywords, sales page, tweets and so much more, and you have everything you need to get off to a good start in this market. I’ll definitely be checking out for my future PLR needs. Nice work, Sue!”

Sue at BuyPLRToday provides quality PLR products for bloggers and writers of article and e-books. Unlike some PLRs in the market that are poorly written and lacking in substance the PLRs from BuyPLRToday provide a good starting point for writers creating products in a broad range of subjects. I have found the yoga and health articles particularly useful in preparing future blog posts, articles and e-book for my very new yoga site.”

The one thing I wished I had years ago was a support group, somewhere I could turn too when I was stuck. Or for those times when you just need to vent a little! I have that in place today, and it’s extremely helpful. I love having places that I can pop into and ask a question and know that within a couple of hours I will get some feedback!

It’s your turn now to make a decision. Do you want to take hold of your future and build a business you can be proud of? Do you want to stay home with your children? You don’t have to call in sick or try and book days off to attend a soccer match or concert. You can be responsible for your own hours, and your own income! What would you prefer?

case study for multi tasking mom

Pop in your details below to become part of this wonderful, caring work at home mom’s  community. You WILL avoid all the mistakes I made and YOU WILL get your business growing faster than I did!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments below, or connect with me on Facebook.

Thank you for reading!




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