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Setting up a WAH Home Office

When you first start working from home, it is tempting to make a comfy spot on the sofa or work from your bed. This isn’t great for your body or mind. If you make a habit of working in your regular living space, it is a lot easier to confuse the two. This often causes you to work when you should be relaxing and relaxing when you should be working. A better idea is to find a designated workspace in your home for your home office. This can be an entire room you use for your office. Use half of the guest room, or even a corner of the living room. Then keep this area for your personal workspace. Here are some tips for setting it up your home office, once you have found the ideal spot. Continue reading

If You Want to Be a Work at Home Mom – Then Try This

As you start your journey to become a work at home mom you many face many roadblocks. Your husband and other family members may not be supportive of your choice to work from home. Even though you have the desire to be a work at home mom, the road ahead may be a little unsure for you.

One of your biggest challenges will be to know what type of business to start at home. Some things to take into consideration include: Continue reading

Why Do You Want to Work At Home?

Why do you want to work at home?

When it comes to making the decision to work at home, there are many reasons people choose to do so. Sometimes, it’s absolutely necessary. Other times, it’s simply a matter of choice.

That being said, why do you want to work from home? Quite honestly, it’s the first question to ask yourself before going further. If it’s a matter of necessity, you already have your answer. If it’s a matter of choice, it’s something worth thinking about. Continue reading

Craigslist Job Lead Search Tips

Craigslist is just one of many excellent (FREE) resource when it comes to locating home-based job leads… IF you know how to avoid the scams. Over the years, I’ve connected with lots of writing clients, via the site. Three of my part-time customer service jobs were also a result of Craigslist ads. Honestly, you just have to know how to look. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Continue reading

Find a Home Based Job Using Free Job Resources

Home Resources

Today, I want to talk about finding a home based job using totally FREE resources. Yes, it can be done! It usually doesn’t happen overnight. But, the more diligent you are when it comes to submitting applications, the higher the chance of snagging an interview.

Remember, legitimate employers don’t ask for money to exchange hands, before hiring you. This practice is the first and BIGGEST sign of a scam. Two of very few exceptions might be requiring you to pay for a pre-employment background check or purchasing a headset if the position deems it necessary that you use one. Continue reading