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Review: Time Management Mama – Book Review

Now that you are ready to take that leap into becoming a work at home mom let’s consider your main concerns. One of your top ones will be how to schedule time into your busy day?  As you know it’s important to work on your business regularly. You know you may have to make a few changes to accomplish this. Of course,  you are ready and willing to do what it takes. But you still feel a little apprehensive of how to manage your time. Not to worry, I have a wonderful solution for you.

I just discovered a great book called “Time Management Mama: Making Use of Your Margins to Pursue Your Passions”. Read my review of this book below, as well as my thoughts on how you can implement these things into your day.

By the end of the review you will know what take-aways suit your lifestyle and how you can apply them to your schedule and finally start building that business you have been dreaming of.

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Time Management Mama Overview

This book is written by two moms, who are sisters. Sarah Korhak and Beth Anne Schwamberger. It is available on Kindle – 218 pages, as a Paperback, 216 pages and on Audible – 4 hours and 9 minutes. The minute I started reading this book I felt an attachment to the authors. I enjoyed their style of writing and how they immediately started connecting the dots from being a mom to working at home. As a mom, we know our biggest issue is time management. How do we keep being that loving mom, get the house work and laundry done, cook healthy meals, pay attention and have date nights with our hubbies – all while running a successful home business? As you read this book you are going to discover useful tips that will help you accomplish all of these things.

Time Management Main Review

The first portion of this book deals with deciding what your passions and goals are.  Basically you will just brain dump all your business and personal goals on to a notepad or app. Then, following Beth Anne’s advice you will narrow this down. Within reading the first 10 pages or so I found this great sentence, that I can totally understand and appreciate:

“Too many choices and distractions will paralyse you into doing nothing..”

I just love this, don’t you?

I don’t know how many times I have a million things buzzing through my head of what I need to get done, yet end up getting nothing done at all!

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After going through this main exercise you will know exactly what your top goals are. Your next step is to discover easy ways to achieve this. You will end up knowing how to balance your business and your personal life. One way Beth Anne and Sarah do this is my using various printables. Perfect for anyone who loves to write down notes and steps. Of course, you don’t have to follow this exact method. You may prefer to use Apps to take and store notes.

Learn Goals and Set Habits

Along with setting goals you will be encouraged to form new habits. Keep in mind when reading this section, that it takes 21 days to form a new habit, which really isn’t that long even for a busy mom.

Littered throughout the book are references to being a work at home mom. Things like having to work from your kitchen counter top strewn with breadcrumbs, versus a comfy office with a closed door. This really makes it much easier to understand the concept of this book – time management – in a much better way. It’s an enjoyable read with lots of links to other mom related blogs.

I would suggest, if you buy this book, to make a list of these blogs and start visiting them. You always want to be networking with other moms, and what better way to get to know moms than visiting where they hang out, on their blogs. Start leaving comments and getting your name out there on various sites. This will provide you with visibility and help brand you as a work from home mom.

So back to the topic of time management for moms and this book review.

More Tidbits & Gems

As you read through the chapters you are going to find some wonderful gems! This includes how to make the most of your child’s nap time, how to not overwork yourself by pulling all-nighters and the importance of staying healthy for your family. Another awesome section of this book is how to keep your child busy so that you can work, this doesn’t involve sending them to daycare either. Just some useful and practical ideas that can easily be put into place.

Chapter 12 is entitled ‘Spending Your Days with Little Ones – How to Thrive’ and is full of great advice on how to gain some extra free time while your little ones are around. Put this into practice in the summer, when your older kids are off school and you will still have time to work on your business. This chapter is filled with insightful suggestions and tips from lots of moms! You won’t have to worry about how to keep your kids occupied this summer!

As you read through this book “Time Management Mama” you will understand that what Beth Anne and Sarah discuss always relates back to your top passions and goals that you set up earlier. By creating a clear vision for your business and your family, you will immediately improve your time management skills without even trying. The use of printables is definitely going to be a huge help as well. Just make sure that you keep your filled out printables somewhere they can be seen and referred to. If you find yourself getting off track, then take a few minutes to read them and remind yourself of what your goals are.

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Additional chapters of this book deal with issues such as how to get your housework, cooking  and laundry done. Not to worry these are not done entirely by yourself either. There’s a great part that Beth Anne includes about how she turned a long, boring job in her basement into one that she now treasures! I won’t tell you what it is, you’ll have to get the book to find out!

Time Management for Moms – Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of time management tools available, they do not always take into account being a busy mom. All moms really need to know how to manage time effectively, even if they are not running a business. This is why this book is so helpful. It deals solely with the idea of being a mom, wife and entrepreneur at the same time.

From my own experiences I can honestly say that planning out your time and managing it is super important. I definitely use notepads and calendars to help me stay on track as well. This book “Time Management Mama” puts the entire topic of time management for moms into a pleasant perspective and read. As you read this book, you will find yourself smiling and agreeing with what these two moms write, I know I did.

This book will help alleviate your concerns about starting your own work at home business. You will be able to see that you can still spend quality time with your husband in the evenings. Your kids will still get all the attention and love that they need. Most of all you will fulfil your top passion. That is starting a profitable work at home business you can be proud of.

Your Next Steps

During my review of  “Time Management Mama” I mentioned that Beth Anne and Sarah suggest using printables to help with time management. I have an awesome, printable notebook that you can use as well. You can get it by popping your email into the box below.

Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any comments of questions.

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