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Setting up a WAH Home Office

When you first start working from home, it is tempting to make a comfy spot on the sofa or work from your bed. This isn’t great for your body or mind. If you make a habit of working in your regular living space, it is a lot easier to confuse the two. This often causes you to work when you should be relaxing and relaxing when you should be working. A better idea is to find a designated workspace in your home for your home office. This can be an entire room you use for your office. Use half of the guest room, or even a corner of the living room. Then keep this area for your personal workspace. Here are some tips for setting it up your home office, once you have found the ideal spot.

Home Office Set Up

Incorporate Natural Light

Working from home can do your eyes some good as you are not forced to work in a cubicle with fluorescent lighting. But that doesn’t mean you should sit in darkness either. If you can move your desk to an area with natural light, that is best. You do need to be careful about glares on your computer, but if you can sit close to a window but with light filtering in (and blocking glares) with window treatments, that will work perfectly. Otherwise, use a combination of desk and floor lighting to get enough light to avoid eye tension. If you notice that when getting a new lamp or moving your desk, your eyes are starting to hurt by the end of the day, it might be due to incorrect lighting.

Be a Stickler For ErgonomicsHome OfficeHome Office

Home Office

Ergonomics is related to how your body reacts with your workspace. If your desk is too high, your arms are lifted and your wrists are working overtime. This causes tension from the shoulders to the wrists by the end of the day. If you are sitting too high, you are probably looking slightly down at your computer. Which is going to cause neck, shoulder, and back tension. You need to create a workspace that allows your body to flow freely. This means with the proper space from your wrists to the keyboard, fingers to the keys, head and eyes to the computer monitor, and body to the height of the chair and desk. It takes some adjusting, but before too long, everything will feel natural and much more comfortable.

Find a Balance Between Workspace and Storage

A common mistake made in a home office is using nearly the entire space for working, but not leaving enough for storage and organization. You likely have a variety of items you need to store and keep track of, so make sure there is enough room in your home office for storage. This might be a filing cabinet, tall bookshelves with bins for organizing inventory, or a set of shelves hanging on the wall for desk accessories you might need. Consider how much you have to store and the space of your office or designated work area when deciding on the best options for storage.

Consider a Standing Desk

For moms who work from home, interruptions are frequent, so you want to really focus on work during your business hours instead of being distracted by other things. This helps you to only focus on the job at hand and not getting side-tracked by social media and other computer distractions. Try a standing desk, which does wonderful things for your health and your motivation. When you are standing and working, you aren’t in a cozy, padded desk chair! So you are more inclined to just get your work done and save all the rest of the stuff for later.

With an ergonomic desk set-up, designated workspace, and a quiet area to focus, you will be well on your way to exceeding your home business goals.

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