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Build a Journaling Business 

 Why Journals? 

Paper planners, calendars, journals and appointment books were at the risk of being replaced by the digital revolution. However, they’ve actually become more popular.

Sales of these types of books, products and paper planners rose 10 percent from 2015 to 2016 producing $342.7 million in sales. Calendars increased by 8 percent to $65 million during the same time period. These numbers are based on figures from a consumer research firm called the NPD Group.

What is Journaling?

Journaling is the process of recording:

  • daily events

  • thoughts

  • ideas

  • inspiration

  • and more.

There are lots of reasons people keep a journal. It can be fun, a great keepsake, or a sourcebook of ideas.

Journaling can also be a way of setting goals and then tracking progress towards them. For example, someone trying to lose weight has better success if they track their progress in a journal.

What Are Printables?

These are usually sold as pdf files containing pages with journal elements and designs on them. The customer can print the sheets they need and can print them as many times as needed for their purposes. People love printables because they can buy them once and keep printing the sheets out whenever they need them.

How Can You Cash In on This Hot Market?

Creating brandable journals and planners is a fantastic way to increase profits, credibility, traffic and much more.  These items are electronically deliverable, creative based products which buyers can purchase, edit, print out and use in their daily lives or in their business. These are hugely popular right now and in high demand.

Printable journals and planners are cheap, simple to produce and they’re low risk products that you can create yourself.  Even better, they’re in demand. Many people love journals and planners and use them. Even online businesses use them as their product line and marketing plan.  Here are a few of the advantages of selling printable journals and planners rather than traditional information products.

  1. Low start-up costs

Producing quality journals requires very little investment.  PowerPoint and an image editor are all you need to get started.

The production costs remain the same no matter how many copies of your information product you sell.  Creating multiple products is the same as copying a file.

  1. High service levels

There are no packaging or shipping costs with printable products and they can be delivered to the customer within minutes of order, with no possibility of getting lost in transit.

  1. Low overhead

With an online journal business, you will not have to employ someone to oversee production, to manage your inventory, or to organize shipping.  You will not have to buy or maintain expensive equipment to manufacture your products.

Creating your own printable journals and planners can provide you with a profitable source of income as well as building up your reputation as an expert in your subject area.    

Another great benefit of creating journal products and selling them is that you don’t need any writing skills, unlike other information products that require a degree of knowledge on the subject matter and at least some basic writing skills.

If you’re creative and can learn to work with a few elements that you add to your pages, such as content boxes, checklists, etc. then you can start and grow a profitable business.

This business model is great for creative types and even better, you can design your own journals, self-publish and sell them on sites like LuLu or Amazon, so other people can buy the print version if they don’t want to buy the digital files and edit them.

This is also a great residual income business model. You create the products once and sell them over and over.

Using Online Storefronts

Another great way to utilize selling your journal creations to start an Etsy Shop. Etsy is a portal website that brings together crafters with buyers.

Etsy also allows people to sell physical and digital products. This is a great place to sell your digital items if you don’t want to setup a storefront on your own hosting plan in the beginning.


Gumroad is also another online storefront where you can setup shop. While not as popular at Etsy, it is very popular and being used by many people.

One of the most important aspects of being successful on Etsy or Gumroad is to be different. One thing that no one else can offer is what you offer – you. You are the differentiation that you need to help stand out in all your choices from your shop name, to the way you display your items.


Download a sample of printables that you can use to create your own products including print books that you can sell on the self-publishing platforms, or sell in your own Etsy or Shopify Store.

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I loved this training...

Sue has made a wonderful step by step course to take you through making your own journals. She makes creating journals easy with her tutorials. The videos are easy to understand and provide a wealth of information. I found the tutorials on using PowerPoint and how to create and design your products invaluable. Once you learn the basic designing and creating of journals, I was excited to see Sue move on to teaching different options for selling your journals and planners as well as how to market them.

Another bonus I loved was not only having the video tutorials, but pdf guides and downloadable templates for practicing.

I enjoyed the course!

DEBBIE MADSON   - Color Me Red Journals

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Sue has created a new course...

in designing and implementing journals perfect for the newbie and anyone interested in a refresher course with PowerPoint. Sue's course is very hands on and quite easy to understand and follow along. There is even valuable information on the printers and selling platforms used by creators. The course left me with a fresh sense of confidence and commitment to embark on this new journey. Thank you Sue for your willingness to share your knowledge!


About the Author

I’m Sue, and I love creating journals, planners and printables. I really enjoy how quick and easy it is to put this type of content together. If you want to see your name in print on Amazon, publish some journals and notebooks.

I also love to provide you with tips & processes for creating your own journals, planners, coloring books and printables.

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You Can Also Create an Affiliate Program to Help Grow Your Business

Over time you can setup an affiliate program and have other people promoting your content, which gives you more traffic and more buyers.

Setting up an affiliate program is one of the most effective ways to sell online products.  Having an affiliate program is similar to having your own sales force that you only pay when they make a sale.  

The principle is simple; your affiliates share a link on their websites, or in their emails, to your sales page, including their own unique affiliate code.  When a customer buys your product after clicking on that link your affiliate partner gets a certain percentage of the value of the sale.

Here are some tips for setting up a successful affiliate program for your information product:

  • Give your affiliates as much information as possible to pre-sell your product before your customers arrive at your sales page.  As well as a product description and list of benefits you could provide a banner or sidebar ad for their website, and some high impact testimonials.  Some people go as far as providing their affiliates with a web page template and full sales copy for a warm up page.

  • Use a pay per sale model, rather than pay per click or pay per lead.  This will encourage your affiliates to really pre-sell your product instead of simply encouraging their customers to click on your link.  These other models will only work if you have such fantastic sales copy on your sales page your visitors are guaranteed to buy your product.  

  • Promote your affiliate program in various web discussions including relevant forums and blogs, but be careful not to overdo the sales pitch and attract the criticism of other internet marketers.

  • Set up a recurring affiliate program where your first tier of affiliates looks for new affiliates to sell your product.  The original members take a commission for any sales that the affiliates they introduced make.

My New Training Course Will Help You Build Your New Business

If you want to learn how to brand & edit your journals, planners and printable, you're in the right place. For the past 2 years I've self-taught myself how to create all types of journals, planners and printables. I tried various formats and finally settled on using PowerPoint.

I love PowerPoint because it's much easier to change colors, create tables and charts and move things around, compared to Word or Excel.

In fact, I have been having so much fun that I created a brand new website based on journals and planners. Createful Journals was launched in November of 2017 and the sales have been amazing. As has the customer feedback.

One recurring issue from customers was that they would love to know how to easily edit and brand my journals and planners to create a new product that they could sell from their website.

This is exactly why I am launching this brand new course. Turning Your Content into Ready to Sell Journals & Planners.

This course will be self-paced with lessons that you can easily apply in your spare time. I am including lots of tips, shortcuts and the exact methods I use to create all my journals, planners & printables.

Get instant access to my new training course

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